April and May 2023

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Each year, along with nature’s regrowth, April and May surprise us with their gatherings and new projects. There is a renewed sense of purpose as the trees get greener and the flowers start to bloom.

In this newsletter, we have more good news stories from across the network along with our regular updates and teacher poster at the bottom of the page.

Nia:wen, Welàlin, Tshinaskumitin, Migwetc, Merci, Thank you

If you have something to share in the newsletter – please reach out to Tracy or share it at a monthly network meeting so we can make sure to include it in an upcoming issue.

Centre Highlights

Sharing some more Good News Stories!

There is so much good happening in our centres and communities – let’s take some time to celebrate it!

Last month, we had four stories to share. This month, that number has grown to six. I am sure that there are many more wonderful things happening in our centres, this is but a glimpse into a few of them!

If you have something you’d like to share for our final newsletter in June, Please forward your pictures, along with a short description of the event or activity, to Tracy and I will turn your good news into a poster like the ones below!

Integration & Inclusion

Quebec Social Integration Network Conference Resources

It was a success! The first annual Quebec SI conference happened on May 12, 2023. There were over 130 participants for presentations on Zoom and close to 90 participants stuck around for conversations and learning in Gathertown.

The focus of the conference was on the use of portfolios to share and eventually assess student learning within the context of Social Integration, Socivocational Integration, and the soon-to-be-released Social Participation programs of study.

All of the resources presented and used at the conference are available to you! You can find them at the conference website, here.

If you would like to talk about using portfolios with students – whether in Integration or other programs, please let Tracy know and we can set up a time for these conversations within the network!

Adult General Education Support Guide for Learners with Special Needs

At our May network meeting, Avi Spector from the RECIT for Adult General Education (AGE), Accessibility and Inclusion presented the AGE Support Guide and accompanying resources.

In general, our centres already work with our learners to ensure their needs are being met. This is often the reason why learners choose our centres. This document can provide guidance in that work so that everyone involved in a learner’s progress is on the same page regarding accessibility and inclusion.

Here is the presentation Avi made to the network.

You can read more about the guide and its accompanying resources here.

If you would like to explore and talk about this guide or other ways to support your learners, please let Tracy know and we can set up a time to chat together or with Avi or even bring these conversations to the larger network in the future!

News from our Partners


Colloque 2023 – “Education on a human scale

This year’s annual colloque is inspired by the desire to find a balance between work and well-being. It is taking place in Lévis on June 1st and 2nd. Find out more information and read the program here (in French only.)

Network members Curran Jacobs, Julie Bourcier, and Giovanna (Joanne) Salvagio will be presenting their bilingual workshop Becoming an Asset to My Community – CST Courses & the Seven Generations Philosophy. Those who were at the October meeting in Montreal may remember hearing about this!

Équipe-Choc & RÉCIT

The équipe-choc & RÉCIT for First Nations and Inuit have been continuing their focus on Digital-Pedagogical Sequences for Commitment to Success (CST) courses.

Visit the Digital-ped sequences website to see what they have been working on with their collaborators.

Julie and Joanne are available to support your needs in pedagogy and integration of technology. They will be presenting a session at the upcoming TRÉAQ conference in collaboration with Curran Jacobs, Indigenous Education Consultant, from the New Frontiers School Board. Contact them to find out more!

Contact Julie Bourcier – Contact Giovanna (Joanne) Salvagio.

Monthly Gift!

Poster Series

This is part of a growing series of small posters to honour teachers & learning. Here is a folder of the images with and without the IAEN logo. Feel free to use them and add your own logo if you like. The images used are all from pixabay.com, unless otherwise noted, and are in the public domain.

This month’s poster relates to the potential in fiddleheads.

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Nia:wen, Welàlin, Tshinaskumitin, Migwetc, Merci, Thank you

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