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Daylight is lasting longer ever since the Winter Solstice roughly a month ago. With the renewed light, we can continue to renew our energy and hope for the future as we work together during the cold months.

This month’s newsletter offers resources for ongoing learning and for maintaining strong connections within our network and beyond – all things to kindle our energy for Indigenous Adult Education.

You may recognize some resources from previous newsletters – January is a good time to look back and remember the strengths we can offer each other!

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Nia:wen, Welàlin, Tshinaskumitin, Migwetc, Merci, Thank you

If you have something to share in the newsletter – please reach out to Tracy or share it at a monthly network meeting so we can make sure to include it in an upcoming issue.

Teacher & Centre Support

Creating interactive content

At our last network meeting, Jessica Lee, Math and Science Specialist from the First Nations Regional Adult Education Centre in Kahnawake presented some games and quizzes she created using

During our discussions, some people talked about how could be great for teaching language as well as other subjects. The platform is available in English or French and you can certainly use it to create content for teaching and learning your community’s language!

Here are some examples of the games and quizzes that Jessica created for Math and Science. They are all in English and Jessica would love to collaborate with you to develop similar resources in French.

Équipe-Choc & RÉCIT

Julie and Joanne are available to support your needs in pedagogy and integration of technology. Click on the image below to see some of their opportunities for collaboration.

Opportunities with the Équipe-Choc and Récit


Since 2019, the TRÉAQ has been working in partnership with the Cree School Board, the Huron-Wendat training and workforce development centre, the Kativik School Board and the First Nations Adult Education School Council for the adaptation and translation of material related to:

  • Socio-vocational integration 
  • Sanctioning  
  • Management tools  

Consult the resources here.

Recently, we posted a new Q&A document in our Members’ Area which provides essential information about the SVI program.  

Access the Members’ Area at the top right of the TRÉAQ website.

The Organizational team of the TRÉAQ is here to meet your needs. We offer personalized coaching and training for managers and their teams.  Submit a support request now.   

If you are not registered to our Member Area, please fill in the form here  

Après-cours for Individualized & Multi-Level/Subject Teaching

The next Après-Cours meeting for this group of teachers working in Individualized and Multi-Level/Subject classrooms is on Thursday, January 26 from 4:00 – 5:00. You can join by visiting the site and consulting the calendar. The group is called Cross Curricular Community. You can see what they spoke about at their previous meetings here.

Please note this is an English language group, you are welcome to participate if you are comfortable in English. There are many other Après-cours groups in both English and French that may interest you as well.

Supporting Adult Learners with Special Needs in Adult General Education

Are you looking for support when welcoming Adult Learners with Special Needs?

Here is the English version of the Guide for Ensuring Consistent and Effective Support for Adult Learners with Special Needs, adapted by a team coordinated by Avi Spector, RÉCIT consultant for Accessibility & Inclusive Technology in Adult Education.

This guide is based on the French document: Lignes directrices pour assurer la cohérence des actions entreprises au regard de la démarche d’accompagnement de l’adulte ayant des besoins particuliers (FGA)

Quebec Social Integration Network

The Quebec Social Integration Network is a group of teachers and consultants who support each other in their work within Social Integration (SI or SVI) programs.

Quebec Social Integration Network Website

Consult their website to find out more about the resources they have created for each other and let Tracy know if you are interested in learning more and she’ll make sure you are added to the SI network mailing list.

Save the date! A conference is in the works for May 12 – it is open to all staff involved in Social Integration and Social Vocational Integration programs. It is being planned as a hybrid event, where you can attend either in person (Montreal area) or online.

**Note – this is an English School Boards initiative and so the activities will be in English for the most part. Anyone is invited to participate, as long as you are comfortable communicating in English and you work in Social Integration!

Student Support

Discovering their strengths and managing stress

Cheryl Gabriel, Student Support Worker from the FNAESC, developed some videos and other resources to help the learners she supports at this midpoint of the school year. Especially during the cold, dark months, motivation can be difficult to maintain for adults who are pursuing their studies.

You can see the videos here – in both English and in French.

And here are some documents you can share with your students – or use as an example to create your own in order to meet their specific needs.

Thanks, Cheryl!

Monthly Gift!

Poster Series

This is part of a growing series of small posters to honour teachers & learning. Here is a folder of the images with and without the FNAESC logo. Feel free to use them and add your own logo if you like. The images used are all from, unless otherwise noted, and are in the public domain.

This month’s poster has to do with how we evaluate our students’ learning. Teachers “taste the soup” so many times a day – what are the different ways you and your students taste the soup – and what do you do once you’ve tasted it?

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Nia:wen, Welàlin, Tshinaskumitin, Migwetc, Merci, Thank you

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