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Even though there is still snow on the ground in some of our regions and territories, the end of the school year seems to be coming up quickly! We have only two more network meetings before the year ends and at our last meeting, we asked the question – What are your preoccupations between now and the end of June?

The concerns centred on, as always, our learners. Whether it be due to rising Covid cases in some communities, temporary building closures, upcoming Goose Break, or just due to a general concern we are all preoccupied with maintaining student engagement and motivation during this last stretch of the school year.

Are you doing anything different this year to help students and teachers through this last stretch?

Nia:wen, Welàlin, Tshinaskumitin, Migwetc, Merci, Thank you

Resources for centres

Poster Series

This is part of a growing series of small posters to honour teachers. Here is a folder of the images with and without the FNAESC logo. Feel free to use them and add your own logo if you like. The images used are all from, unless otherwise noted, and are in the public domain.

Picture taken by Tracy Rosen, March 2022.

Addressing Engagement & Motivation through Wellness

At our last network meeting, many people expressed their concerns about helping their students stay motivated to complete the year. Engagement and motivation are intrinsically tied to wellness. It makes sense – it is harder to stay motivated to do something if we don’t feel good about ourselves.

Wellness for Everyday

Last year, Student Support Worker, Cheryl Gabriel developed this resource to share with the learners she supports. I think it is timely to share it again.

This is part of a Student Guide to Resilience, developed by the FNAESC, 2021.

Download this poster.
Read or download the Student Guide to Building Resilience & Managing Stress.

Enhancing Student Wellness – Simple Tips for Instructors

Also last year, the FNAESC developed this resource for instructors and school staff. Once again, it seems timely to share it now.

Read or download Enhancing Student Wellness: Simple Tips for Instructors.

Learning with Video – now in French, too.

Last month we shared these resources about learning with video. We are including them again this month because they are now updated and available in both French and English.

As we are settling in to permanent online and hybrid learning environments, there is a growing need to help learners feel confident and successful in their new learning environments. This website includes resources related to taking notes and creating an environment conducive to learning with video. Please share with your teachers and students if you find it helpful!

Resources from ACE Online Summit

The RECIT for Adult General Education held their 2nd annual online summit on March 16. Resources for all of the sessions are available if you weren’t able to attend and we gathered them together here.

Knowing how anxiety impacts the learning process by Mariève Gagné

Presentation + Resources

Understanding Dyslexia by Luce Tremblay-Parent


Planning & Tracking Individualized Multi-Level Courses by Emilie Bowles, Shanna Loach, and Nicole Lalonde-Barley

Presentation + Resources

UDL in a Social Sciences Context: Resources and Challenges in a Digital Age by Paul Rombaugh

Presentation + Resources

The Digital Feedback Express by Karine Jacques and March Gariépy

Presentation + Resources

Teaching is Like Spaghetti and Meatballs by Robin Long

Presentation + Resources

Exploring Inclusion through Exclusion by Tracy Rosen

Presentation + Resources

Differentiation in the Classroom by Micheline Ammar and Julie Robitaille

Presentation + Resources

Meeting news

Indigenous Adult Education Advisory updates

March 30 A small group of network members met to talk about these two points, as described in our last newsletter:

Point 1: Different advisory boards tend to focus on the youth sector and when there is talk of adult education we rarely, if ever, hear of the wonderful things that are happening in our community adult education centres. Too often, when Indigenous learners are mentioned, it is from a place of deficit with a focus on needs rather than a focus on contribution.

Point 2: In the recent past, a document was published about the state of Indigenous education by a non-Indigenous group. In last meeting’s discussions, we thought it was time to talk about the role of Indigenous communities in Adult Education, possibly starting with outlining appropriate ways to consult with communities.

The conversation revolved around the central issue of consultation, as mentioned in point 2. What does it mean? Do we all share the same understandings of consultation and collaboration? When a group comes to consult with an Indigenous community or organization – what are the expectations?

Next steps will be to begin outlining our own expectations for respectful consultation and collaboration.

You can read the notes from the first meeting here.

Are you interested in joining in this process? Please contact Tracy to be added to the mailing list to keep up to date.

News from our Partners

Récit + Équipe-Choc

Updated website!

The Équipe-Choc for First Nations and Inuit’s website continues to be updated. Take a look here.

Do you know about these newsletters?
Pedagogical Équipe-Choc
Carrefour FGA

News from the TRÉAQ

The TRÉAQ is planning an in-person conference for the month of June. Participants can choose from either June 1st or June 2nd as attendance will be limited to 250 people each day. Find out more here (information available only in French)

Upcoming Events


Tuesday, April 12 from 1:00- 3:30 – History of Quebec & Canada – Planning Toolkit. Registration form here.


Wednesday, April 13 from 4:15-5:15 – Trauma Informed Pedagogy. Registration form found here.

May be an image of text

Consult the calendar on the Après-Cours website for more information as well as to see the other communities that are meeting in the near future, in both English and French. You can join any of the meetings by clicking the big red button on the Après-Cours website.

AQIFGA conference 2022

April 27-29, 2022 – Online

The theme for this year’s AQIFGA conference is « Tous pour la réussite de chacun », loosely translated to Everyone for the success of each one.

Registration is now open.

Visit their website for more information.

Student Resource Kit Development – Social/Vocational Integration

May 18 from 9:00 -12:00- Online workshop for SVI, SI, & VT teachers

If you know any SI/SVI teachers who you think would be interested in attending this event, please have them email Avi Spector ( and CC: Matthew Kennedy (

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Nia:wen, Welàlin, Tshinaskumitin, Migwetc, Merci, Thank you

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